The Bar-Low Go Tournament 2014

The 2014 Bar-Low Go Tournament will be held at Warwick University.
Entry is now open for all kyu players.

The tournament is being sponsored, so there will be very cheap entries and lots of prizes, including 30 for the winner.
Tea and coffee will be available on the day.
The candidates tournament will be taking place in a nearby room, so you may get a chance to see some high-level games.


9.00-9.45 Registration
10.00 Round 1
11.30 Round 2
1.45 Round 3
3.15 Round 4
4.45 Round 5
6.15 Prize-giving


It will be a 5 round McMahon tournament,
with sudden death time limits of 35 minutes each.
Komi will be 7.5 with any ties decided by SODOS, then SOSODOS

Register for the tournament with your name, grade, club, and fee category,
or enquire if you have any questions

See the list of entrants so far

The tournament will take place on Sunday 4th May at B2.04/5, Science Concourse, Library Road, Warwick University CV4 7AL

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Entrance to the room is via the footbridge. Parking is available, off University Road.

Fees (payable on the day):

3 for BGA members (includes 1 discount for advance registration)
6 for non-BGA members (includes 1 discount for advance registration)
Free for first time tournament players